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Questions & Answers

How do I make sure my gift is used the way I want it used?

The board of directors is held to a strict code of ethics to ensure they honor the wishes of the donors. These ethics are adhered to at all times. It is in the best interest of the students, and the Foundation, to do all that is possible to honor those wishes. We publish financial statements where everyone can see where the funds have been distributed.


Where can I find a contribution form to honor the memory of one of my former teachers?

To make a contribution in memory of someone who played a pivotal roll in your life, simply download a contribution form. Just fill it out and mail it in with your check in any amount you wish.


Why doesn't the school corporation provide the funds necessary to educate our children?

Funding for schools in Indiana if tenuous at best. The formula to calculate funds for education our children does not take into account many circumstances which differ from district to district. The core subjects for each grade level are funded, for the most part, but anything outside the core classes may not be. We recognize this fact, and as special programs become available, the corporation may not have the extra funds available. Also, scholarship funds are not given by the school corporation, nor are funds for special development classes.


Who is the person to talk to about leaving money to the foundation from my estate?

Any of the directors or officers of the foundation would be able to talk to you about that. You should, however, consult your tax adviser.


What is the benefit of giving money to the foundation instead of just giving it directly to the school?

Using the foundation to direct your funds offers you the tax benefit of a contribution to a 501c3 tax deductible organization. You may also specify how your funds are to be used, and for what.


When are matching funds available for someone who wants to make the most of their contribution?

Matching funds thus far have come from two sources, individuals who have made a contribution with the understanding that the funds must be matched from the community, and other foundations who have opened up grant opportunities. These grants must be applied for by us and then awarded to us, many of which are matching grants. There is no set time frame for these grants, so we post them here on our web site when they are available.


If I wanted to set up a donor directed fund for something, how would I do that?

You could start by downloading a contribution form and fill it out. Specify which funds you would like to benefit from your donation. Enclose a short note if you wish to explain your wishes. We will contact you about your directed funds to make sure they are used properly, if we have any questions.

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