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Canning Family Nursing Scholarship

Shelby Scott

Cheryl Rosevear Community Service Scholarship

Karli Chocholek

Chris LaCosse Memorial Teaching Scholarship

Sarah Kozinski

LHS Class of 1977 Scholarship

Paige Daugherty

Jacob Hamm Memorial Scholarship - male

Blake Clifford II

Jacob Hamm Memorial Scholarship - female

Sara Lewandowski

Jeanne K Mercer Memorial Health 

       Care & Science Scholarship

Amy Bales

John Birkhead Memorial Sports Scholarship

Hayley Farmer

LHS Academic Decathlon Scholarship

Nathan Wornhoff

Matthew Durham Memorial 

      Technology Scholarship

Stuart Turner

Nick Parente Memorial Scholarship

Costen King

Pinnacle Insurance Group of Indiana,

      Inc. Business Scholarship

Peyton Gilmore

RDP#1 Scholarship

Megan Smolek

RDP#2 Scholarship

Justin Thomas

RDP#3 Scholarship

Joshua Groebner

RDP#4 Scholarship

Reid Witt

Rouse Family  Scholarship

Maria Rangel

Ruth Dahl-Weinberg Teaching Scholarship

Megan Workman

Ryon Business Scholarship  #1

Peyton Gilmore

Ryon Business Scholarship  #2

Taylor Campbell

SCL Agricultural/Historical Scholarship

Andi Nicholas

SPC Augustus "Aguy"  Vicari Memorial 


Levi Brady

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Foundation Honored

The Tri-Creek Education Foundation, Inc. was recognized for its contributions to the arts in the Tri-Creek School Corporation by the Art Education Association of Indiana (AEAI) at its annual conference on November 1 in Indianapolis.

Jill Sayers, Lake Prairie Elementary School art teacher and AEAI member, presented the Arts in the Community Award to Tri-Creek Education Foundation (TCEF) Board of Directors member Dr. Alice Neal on behalf of the entire board.

Chief among the TCEF accomplishments cited were showcasing the Lowell High School art gallery including the Rembrandt etching purchased for Lowell High School with funds raised by the Foundation and highlighted in a gallery walkthrough entitled "An Afternoon of Artistic Delights."

Other accomplishments included funding for the creation of electronic portfolios for Tri-Creek students, professional development, a book illustrating the history of Lowell, and giving students the chance to attend music and performing arts events. Nominator Jill Sayers says "The support of the Tri-Creek Education Foundation is greatly appreciated by all teachers, but the Arts thank the TCEF board for supporting the arts in education."