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We are parents, teachers, community members and administrators who believe in the potential of the youth of the Tri-Creek area. Bound together by a common goal of funding programs which fall outside of normal funding, or which cannot be funded. This includes scholarships to deserving students. Our purpose is to raise the funds necessary to educate our youth in new ways and improve on the traditional methods. Through tax deductible donations to the foundation, we will be giving our children the tools they need to go on to higher education. Our children's goals will soon be the goals of our community and to achieve their dreams is to achieve our own. The Tri-Creek Education Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 Tax Deductible Foundation.

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September 3, 2016

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TCEF is proud to announce the

2016 Competitive Grant

The Foundation’s fifteenth annual competitive grant opportunity awarded almost $21,000 due to generous donations from the community and a very successful annual Labor Day 5K run/walk.

The 2016 recipients of twenty-four grants will impact every student in some way.  For a complete list of the 2016 grant recipients.

5th Lowell High School Alumni of the Year Induction

The Tri-Creek Education Foundation is seeking additional nominees for the 
5th Lowell High School Alumni of the Year induction to be held in Spring, 2016.

 A nominee must be a graduate of Lowell High School for a minimum of 15 years.  
Modern Era” nominees must have graduated between 1965 and 2000, 
and “Yesteryear Era” nominees, 1965 and earlier.

For additional details and resume form.

2015  Alumni  Induction

Back Row: Susan Stuart, Peg Atherton (Mother of Jeff Elliott), Dr. Randall Hile, Herb Steuer
Front Row: Sharon Speichert, Barb Peterson, Bill Peterson
Not in photo: Dr. Leonard Anglis


The T-C Education Foundation was named the residual beneficiary of the
Ruth and Joe Weinberg estate

T-CEF has been given a substantial part of the inheritance with the remainder due upon settlement of the estate. 
The greatest part of this most generous gift will fund the Ruth Dahl Weinberg Memorial Teaching Scholarship, while the stock dividends will be providing wonderful opportunities for our T-C students. 
Dividend disbursements have been approved by the Foundation Board to fund the following for the 2015-16 SY: 
     $90-$120/credit hour 
     25 students enrolled (example) 
     3 cr hr @ $120 = $360 x 25 students = $9,000 
     since credit hour and students enrolled vary = $10,000 maximum 
     Elementary ~ all 5th gr Challenger field trip ~ $300/class x 9 = $2,700
     LMS PROGRAM -8th gr Indy class trip Oct, 2014 = $5,000
     LHS PROGRAM - Red Devil Mentor Program = $5,000
     2 x $1,500     (2013 = 1 @ $500, 2014 = 1 @ $1,000)
ACADEMIC DECATHLON TEAM ~ $5,000 if qualified for National Competition  
      (2015 Garden Grove, CA; 2016 Anchorage, AK; 2017, Madison, WI; 2018 Frisco, TX)



logoOur logo symbolizes the flame of learning, with three flames, one for each of the three townships in which our students live. It is this flame which the Tri-Creek Education Foundation, Inc. fuels through funding innovative educational programs, scholarships and program grants. A forward looking group of parents, community leaders and educators established this foundation in 2000 with the hope of creating a self sustaining source of funding for the future.

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